1959 Tripower

Titlesort descending Price
Center Carb Accelerator Pump Shaft for Automatic Trans. $14.75
Center Carb Accelerator Pump Shaft for Manual Trans. $14.75
Choke Shaft Brass with Drivers Side Tab $25.50
Choke Spring Back Side of Bakelite Choke Cover $12.50
Choke Tab Drivers Side $5.00
Drill Index Sizes #48,49,50 and #52-74 $24.50
Fast Idle Cam for Center Carburetor $52.00
Float - Composite 1959-1965 Large end carburetors. $12.95
Float Pin Small Center Carburetor 1959-1965 $2.50
Float pin- large end carburetors 1959-1965 $2.50
Fuel Inlet Threads for center carb 1957 to 1965 $31.00
Fuel inlet threads for end carbs. 1957-1966 $31.00
Grose Jet $15.95
High Flow Air Filters (Set of 3) BLOWOUT PRICE WHILE STOCK LASTS $29.50
Holley Fuel Regulator - Photos of customer installation. $37.50
Holley Fuel Regulator Complete Installation Kit - Photos shown of customer installation. $84.75
Idle mixture screw and spring. $9.00
Intake Manifold Gasket Set 1957-1960 $22.00
Jets $7.50
Large Carburetor Intake Block Off Plate and Gasket $18.00
long linkage rod, front to rear carb, 1959 to 1966 $10.00
Needle and Seat replacements. $6.00
NEW VERSION - Tri-power K&N Style Air Filters $59.00
New, Blackened, Screw and Washer Sets $15.00
Paper Air Cleaner Filters $8.00
Power Brake Line and Fittings Complete to Brake Booster $48.00
Quality accelerator pumps, center carb 57-65 and all carbs 57 and 58 $7.75
Quality accelerator pumps, end carbs 59-66 and center carb 66 $7.75
Rear carb, Mechanical linkage, long lever $9.00
Restoring Your Throttlebodies $130.00
Set of 3 air cleaner studs and wingnuts $10.00
Set Zinc Plated (Gold) nuts to attach carbs $3.00
Set Zinc Plated Nuts To Attach Carbs $3.00
Small Rochester throttlebody/floatbowl gasket, center carb $0.75
Thermostat "Premium Thermostat and Gasket" $12.75
Thermostat Gasket $2.00
Throttlebase to Body Fillister Head Screws with Locks Set of (3) $3.50
Throttleblade (Butterfly) Brass Screw Set $6.50
Throttleblade Sealer DAG $15.00
throttlebody (base) to floatbowl gaskets, large end carbs $0.75
Tri-Power Chrome Air Cleaners Complete With High Flow Air Filters- REDUCED PRICE $135.50
Tripower DVD $25.00
TRIPOWER MANIFOLDS 1957,1958,1959,1960,1961,1962, and 1963 $165.00
Vacuum nipple $5.00
Valve Cover Gaskets- Cork $21.00
Valve Cover Gaskets- Neoprene Rubber $22.50
Valve Cover Wire Retainer $13.50