Welcome to Pontiac Tripower

2013 has been a busy year for John and I. In January, John took over running the shopping cart. This left me (Mike) with more time to do restoration work and build tripower units for our customers. John has been working to add releated items to the shopping cart. In 2013, at least 15 new items were added, from fuel regulators to distributor re-curve kits.

John and I were at th POCI Co-Convention at Dayton in 2013. We enjoyed meeting some of our customers, and seeing our parts and/or restoration work, on several of the cars there. We plan to be in Wichita, and possibly, Norwalk, in 2014.

For 2014, we continue to serve our customers Worldwide with answering questions regarding modifications, restorations and parts. We will  also be adding a large variety of parts, expanding the business to include the following:

Soon you will see these categories in the Shopping Cart - Listed under "Underhood and Performance Components"

"Tri-power Engine Performance '', to include ram air exhaust manifolds, exhaust gaskets, bolts, hi-torque mini starters, and other performance releated items.

"Tri-power Engine Compartment ", to include carburetor ID tags, chrome valve covers, battery hold downs, coil brackets, hose clamps, hood hinges, and other underhood detail items.

Another new category added, "Restoring Your Throttlebodies", to include before and after restoration photo's, descripition of services avaiable.

We plan to add camshafts that will compliment your tripower. Mike has had experience running Pontiac tripower cars on the street and strip. He should be able to offer advice on cam selection. He has had experience running several cams in 400's, a 421 based motor, and a 455. He can offer advice, primarily for street driven cars.

We want this page to offer the parts and help needed to restore your tripower, including the small detail parts others do not sell.  We may have small parts and even used original "hard to find " parts available that are not in the shopping cart.  Feel free to e-mail us if you need something you cannot find.  If you prefer to have us do the restoration work, or supply a complete tripower for your vintage Pontiac, we can do that as well. 

John and I now refer to the business as "The Pontiac Tripower Team."  That is just how we see it.  The new page gives you a choice of e-mailing questions to John or me.  Questions regarding purchases off the page, or advice regarding what parts you might need, should be directed to John.  However, if you are having issues with your tripower and need advice, or if you are considering having Mike do the restoration work on your tripower, or build a unit for you, direct the e-mail to Mike.  Click on CONTACT in the gray bar running across the top of the page to reach either of us.



I have been answering questions on these units for nearly 20 years.  Now, you get this information in video form with my narration. The DVD was filmed in my shop, with help from my son,Tim and a professional photographer.  Tim does Web Design for a living and does the design and back end work on this page.

The DVD is nearly 90 minutes of video, covering many aspects of dealing with Pontiac and Oldsmobile tripowers.   It has an index, so you can click to the area you want to view.  You can see a list of the topics in one of the pictures below.  This DVD has been out since July of 2009.  I have sold quite a few and have received lots of positive feedback.  I received ths unsolicited comment on a popular Pontiac Forum  ...follow this link  http://forums.performanceyears.com/forums/showthread.php?t=610938&highli...   When you go into the shopping cart and click on this item, you can see an additional segment for the DVD.

To purchase this DVD in the shopping cart.  Click here.

To see a second clip off the DVD, please visit the product page.

In the PARTS FOR SALE section, you will find that I have many small parts that are not available elsewhere. I also carry parts that other suppliers carry. However, I supply pictures of each part, and hints about installation.

In the SERVICES section, I describe services I offer for repair and/or restoration of your tripower.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS is just that. Over the last several years, I have found myself answering the same questions over and over. This section address many of those areas. Please read through it before e-mailing me.  When you click on this section above, you will see three more sections, described below.  Once in the FAQ area, you can click on these for more content.

The ID YOUR TRIPOWER section gives intake part numbers as well as pictures. People pick up tripowers at swap meets, garage sales, or from friends. This section should help you identify what you have.

TRIPOWER MYTHS is just that and it is, essentially, my old webpage that my son and I put up in 1996. It is still relevant

LETS COMMUNICATE MORE EFFECTIVELY  section has an illustration of a Rochester 2 bbl carb with parts labeled.

In the PHOTOS section, I plan to do several things.  If one of you needs a photo of a tripower related part, or has one to share, let me know.  I may post them here with a search function for others to use.  However, I am asking my customers (and others) to send me pictures of your cars. If you want me to give your name, or any interesting details about the car, let me know.

In the NEWS section, I plan to communicate any interesting facts, stories, or hints related primarily to the hobby in general, or specifically to tripowers. Just my way of keeping in touch and getting you to come back from time to time. If you have a something you think would be an appropriate, send me an e-mail, and I may include it.

Hopefully,  the information on the site helps you to keep your car looking good.  Here in Illinois, we have Winter. I am always waiting for the first nice Spring day.  I roll down the windows, back out of the drive and take a short ride.  With the engine warmed up and running like it should, I finally get to kick all three carbs open!!!!!   Tires scream, carbs howl....life is good!